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Gates Open @ 10AM

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Bailey Performance is proud to announce the running of the 3rd annual Mid-South Shootout/Cody Burks Memorial at Atoka Raceway Park. The race will be held on July 26th, 2014.
We will be offering guaranteed money. This event will be a Kings Tire only event.
8:00 – Gates Open
9:00 – 10:00 Safety Tech
10:00 – Driver’s Meeting / Registration Closes****
10:30 – Open Practice Starts
12:30 – Qualifying Starts

Admission and Registration Fees
Pit Passes - $20
General Admission - $10 (10 yrs old and under are free)
Regular classes - $45 entry fee (includes $5 transponder fee)
Guaranteed $$$ classes - $55 entry fee (includes $5 transponder fee)

Payout (Non Guaranteed Classes)
20 Kart Minimum
1st - $350.00
2nd - $150.00
3rd - $75.00
4th - $50.00

11-19 Karts
1st - $250.00
2nd - $125.00
3rd - $50.00

Less Than 10 Karts
1st – 50%
2nd – 20%
3rd – 10%
(Less $5.00 transponder fee)

Running Order
1) Sr. Clone Light Wt. 325 Big Pipe, any Clutch Age 15 & up
2) Jr.3 Clone Heavy (Blue Plate) Wt. 320 Big Pipe Age 12-15
3) Sr. Clone Super Heavy Wt. 400 Big Pipe any Clutch Age 15 & up (driver must be 200lbs)
4) Jr.1 Clone (Green Plate) Big Pipe Wt. 285 ANY Age 8-10 Any Clutch
5) Rookie Red Plate Clone Wt. 250 Age 5-7
6) Sr. Clone Medium Wt.350 Big Pipe any Clutch Age 15 & up
7) Jr. Champ Flat Head / 3 Hole Gold Animal Wt.345 Age 12-15
8) Open ANY TIRE (NO GROOVES) Age 15 & Up No Minimum weight
9) Jr.2 Clone (Purple Plate) Big Pipe Wt. 310 Age 10-12 Any Clutch
10) Sr. Clone Heavy Wt. 375 Big Pipe any Clutch Age 15 & up $500 Guaranteed
11) Jr. Unrestricted- big pipe Wt. 320 Age 12-15 Any Clutch
12) Jr. Champs (Blue Plate) Flathead & Animal Wt.315. Age 8-13
13) Over 35 Wt. 375 Big Pipe, Any Clutch
14) Senior Champ Wt. 425, Age 15 & up Added money to Purse
15) Jr Pro Clone (Blue Plate) Wt. 320 Age 8 -15 $1,038 Guaranteed
16) Pro Clone Wt. 375 Big Pipe Any Clutch Age 15 & up $5,500 Guaranteed Purse(Sponsored By Kings Tires)

Jr Pro will be 38 laps
Sr Pro will be 50 laps

Sr Champ will be mixed with unrestricted Clone or 1 hole black plate Animal

Jr Champs can run Clones

We will park trailers Friday night.

Attention youngsters!!! This year we are going to have a Power Wheels race between qualifying and the features. So kids, get your Power Wheels all charged up and ready to go!

Need More Info???? Please contact Troy Bailey. 901-461-4439

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We Want To Thank Everyone Who Supported us During the 2013 Season. We want to Congratulate all our 2013 Champions!!!

2013 Track Points Champion - Brandon Lovelace
Junior Champ - 1525 Points


2013 Class Champions

Brandon Lovelace Junior Champ
Ricky Losch Unlimited Opens
Tucker Boulton Aqua Champs
Brandon Lovelace Jr Clone 2
Franklin Ashe Sr Clone Medium
Josh Myers Stock Light
Josh Myers Stock Medium
Carrie Massey Sr Clone Light
Joey Smith Sr Clone Medium
Eddy Wood Stock Heavy
Rone McCubbin Jr Clone 1
Ryan Kuyklendall Junior 3
Mike Wilkerson Sr Pro Clone Champ
Baker Hillard Junior 2
Tiffany Wilson Senior Champ
Josh Waller Sr Pro Clone
Colby Patton Purple Champ
Dale Nelson Jr Stock Super Heavy
Evan Kuykendall Junior 1

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