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dcp_0021.jpg (160428 bytes)This is a picture of our facility years ago. Minimum seating....completely lined with hay-bales and still a good facility with good racing but see the next set of pictures as now we have a completely different lay out and facilities.   



These two pictures show a wide shot of the facility and the improvements made over the years.  Our goal is to provide you, the racer, with a first class facility. We will continue to make improvements and make our facility one we all can call a great family experience. 

Welcome To Atoka Raceway Park

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These are pictures from an aerial camera thanks to Eddie Carver. These pics were taken early in the season of 2002. Pit thruways, the grid, and exit roads have been paved as seen below. Improvements are continuously being made at ARP, all with the racer in mind!! Come join us and be a part of our new exciting 2010 season. 



The added asphalt in our pit thruways, grid and scale area, return road, impound area, and main entrance to the facility. Pits spots on the paved area are available for rental. on a yearly basis. Contact Frank Ashe at ####Email for more information.




Want to see how we did it??????? 

>>>>>>>2002-2003 Site Construction Gallery<<<<<<<

See the 2002-2003 candid pictures of track improvements!




Click Here For Directions To Your Next Racing Experience!! Atoka Raceway Park is located  17.5 miles north of Memphis just off Highway 14. To see the general area click on this thumbnail to view the larger map.. Atoka Raceway Park is easily accessed from Tn Highway 51, Interstate Highway 40, or any routes from Memphis. 


Click Here To See Where You Need To Race!!!Once you have found the general location on the above map, click on this thumbnail to view the close scale map. At this location of Highway 14 and Highway 206 (Idaville/Beaver Creek Rd), there is a Fast Times convenience store, and a four way stop with flashing red light. We are located on Sadler School Road right across from the Volunteer Fire Dept


 Need directions???

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Atoka Raceway Park is a banked dirt oval, 720 ft in the groove, which makes it just over an 1/8 mile. It is fast, passing all around its entire length is possible. Easy access on and off the track. 


  • Full concession stand, with all types of beverages, hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos and other treats.   See list below!!

  • Computerized Scoring by AMB (TransX 160 Transponders and Orbits 4 SP2 Software).

  • Announcing is transmitted via FM transmitter to your pit radios. ((((88.3Mhz)))) 

  • Separate Tech Barn for  Tech.

  • Electronic scales

  • Full sound system through out the facility

  • Tech Official on staff.

  • E.M.T's. on site during all Heats and Features.

  • Plenty of grandstands for seating.

  • Play area for our future racers.


Simply put, our goal for the year 2010 racing season, is to provide a safe and competitive racing environment for the racer, the racers family and crew, and the race fan. We want our facility to be user friendly, both to the racer and race fans.



We welcome any feedback or comments on our facility or race program. We encourage all comments of critical nature to be stated clearly and give reasons for your ideas. We will take into careful consideration, any request or comment made here. We can not do this with out your cooperation and support of our facility. You can ####Email us and let us know your suggestions out at the track.

Concession Items

Hamburger Nachos w/ cheese
Cheese Burger Chili Cheese Nachos
Hamburger  w/fries Fries
Cheeseburger w/ fries Chili
Corn Dog Chili Pie
Hot Dog Pop Corn
Chili Dog Cookies
Whole Pickles Chips
Jalapenos Drinks -16oz- 20oz- 32 oz
Ice Cream Coffee
Hot Chocolate Iceee Slushes


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